Saturday 21 October 2017
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Steroid usage is in vogue so is clenbuterol, The pill is a stress buster or mood enhancer as you could call it. It is also said to to increase the quality of the sleep which in turn is very good in the recovery process of the muscles. The wear and tear is quite often, ample rest and clen will give it sufficient boost in the recovery process. The main part of consuming clen is that when through the rigorous workouts and diet and the clen cycle you achieve your muscular body, then there will be a breakdown of the same due to the catabolic effect but by the use of clen, the retention of muscles is maintained. There are sprays that contain Clenbuterol.

The best part of clen is that it has long a half life which makes you to take small doses but will have a significant effect of the clen over a longer period of time.

The use of liquid clenbuterol it is considered a very good fat burner. Women use in their cutting cycle phase to increase weight and muscle mass as well as increase strength for the strenuous workouts.

Liquid clen is not quite allowed for usage by humans in most countries and used mainly for veterinary purposes only. Athletes procure this, though illegally, to decrease weight and also increase muscle mass. It also increases the oxygen intake in the body.

It is not a controlled substance but can be purchased only on prescription. It has to taken under the guidance of a medical health care professional as its powerful enough to give alarming side effects.


Liquid clen usage

The liquid clen dosage is difficult to assess as it has different levels of performances on different individuals. The potency levels are different in three forms in which it is already available such as injectables, syrup and pills. There are also sprays that contain Clenbuterol.

Tests have shown that good quality liquid clen is not available as the components used to make it seem dubious in nature. So buyers have a caveat that they are at their own risk at buying liquid clen.

The safety concerns that mar the quality of liquid clen are

As it is usually bought online and by the time it is shipped to you-

You may have got an expired product as liquid clen has very less shelf life.

The liquid clen may be contaminated.

It may not be the real thing as just labelled as liquid clen to dupe customers.

It may be contaminated certain pathogens which you may not get to know.

The fillers used to make liquid clen may pose danger and may have been inactive also.

Liquid clen does not have a pleasant taste. The other syrup form is not so popular and other liquid injectables that are injected into the subcutaneous fat and is very painful indeed, which may have burning sensation for days.

The liquid clen is different from the injectables and should not be used as an injectable.

Side effects

There is significant increase in the heart rate.

The heart beat is irregular

It has been observed that the user becomes jittery.