Saturday 21 October 2017
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Sustanon, comes with strong androgenic effect

While buying any of the supplement or drug around, it is very important for all to know benefits of them, their effects, how do they work and then ask yourself whether they proffer all the results that you look out for or not. Similarly, the sustanon is the popular drug which comes with the strong androgenic effect. You must know their effects on human body, advantages and disadvantages, potential risk and the information related to legality, safety as well as the dosage recommendations. These things are true related to the hormones and include the testosterone which in way affects the metabolic functions and hormone in body.

The effects of the sustanon

The strong androgenic effect comes with it. The sustanon is popular trade name for injectable testosterone brand. It is best designed for treating the low or zero levels of the testosterone and hypogonadism in men around. Presently, the athletes, weight lifters and bodybuilders for the physical performance enhancement commonly use them. It must also be noted that these testosterone in any of the forms or in the prescribed drug form, their purchase or usage without the prescription is illegal and can increase the risk of the side effects. Thus, it is suggested to consume them under expert supervision.

The sustanon is even unique in nature as it consists of the 4 esters where other drugs forms only include one. It is also the one which is manufactured by the company called Organon and includes the composition of this drug as,

  • Testosterone propionate in 30 mg
  • The testosterone phenylpropionate in 60 mg
  • The testosterone isocaproate in 60 mg
  • The testosterone decanoate in 100 mg

These 4 compounds are found in the sustanon 250 are the esters of natural testosterone hormones. The total of this testosterone per ml is approximately around 176 mg. it is often purchased in the glass vials that consist of the one ml of the Sustanon 250. Different number of esters is attached to the testosterone and all of them come with the different lives. The esters are also responsible for offering the sustained release of the drugs from injection site. It was also developed with the 4 esters that get created for providing more stability range of the hormone levels in all men, making use of the drug.

Since that time, the new developments in the testosterone has been seen and believed for being effective without any side effects. The sustanon which includes the strong androgenic effect differs between the individuals around. It is not even used commonly in the US or UK as the hormone replacement drugs. They are continuing being the most popular form of the anabolic steroid for the weight lifters, bodybuilders, athletes across the globe due to their presence of 4 esters. The sustanon 250 is the intramuscular drug that gets injected in deep muscles as buttocks, upper leg or arm. The dosage of the sustanon is also recommended by doctor generally. Know more about its advantages online.