Saturday 21 October 2017
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What to Know about Physician Jobs Post-Residency

New doctors finishing up their residencies in the last year or two have found themselves available for work at a time when physician employment is peaking at hospitals and hospital-owned medical groups. According to Vista Staffing, there has never been a better time for new doctors to start their careers. They say that more than 95% of America’s hospitals are actively recruiting doctors.

If you are not aware, hospitals have been on a buying spree since the start of the decade. Where they were abandoning the concept of hospital-owned groups back in the 1990s, the mindset has changed. The largest medical groups in the country are now consolidating hospitals, clinics and private practices into large groups that become one-stop destinations for patients.

As a new doctor planning to look for work post-residency, Vista Staffing offers three options:

  • US Based Locum Tenens – Believe it or not, plenty of new doctors are choosing to begin work as locum tenens professionals. Some use locum work as a stepping stone to full-time physician employment while others love the locum environment so much that they make a career out of it. In the United States, there is a huge demand for locum doctors.
  • International Opportunities – The need for qualified doctors is acute around the world. You could finish your residency and then go to work overseas either as a locum or a permanently placed physician. The choice is yours. International opportunities represent a chance to practice medicine and see a different part of the world at the same time.
  • Permanent Placement – Those doctors who already know what they want post-residency can immediately start applying for permanent placement. The key to successfully landing a permanent job is knowing what you want and where you want to live. Having those two things settled opens the door to plenty of opportunities to find work.

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Getting a Job Post Residency

New doctors getting near the end of residency should understand that the ongoing physician shortage does not mean employers will be beating down their doors to hire them. Getting a job post-residency is no different than pursuing employment in any other job sector. New doctors have to make applications, pound the pavement, sit through interviews, and so on.

Doctors do have it easier than workers in some other sectors in that there is enough work for everyone. The goal is to find a job that will enable the new doctor to get started on a career path that meets current objectives. Here are some things to remember during the job search:

  • Resumes and CVs – Both resumes and CVs should be tailored to the job the doctor is applying for. Include any and all relevant experience while leaving off that which is not relevant. Recruiters appreciate applicants who are thorough without being superfluous.
  • Facility Research – Taking a few minutes to research a facility before you apply goes a long way toward weeding out places you really do not want to work at. Research also demonstrates you show an interest in those employees you eventually apply with.
  • Professionalism – Nothing turns an employer off more than a doctor who does not present him or herself professionally. Above all, maintain the highest level of professionalism during your job search. Carry it through to your employment as well.

As a new doctor, you have plenty of choices for post-residency employment. So take a little time and look around while you are searching for work. Finding the right job can get you started on what will eventually become a long and rewarding career in medicine.